Maria Romanenko

Hi! I'm Maria. I was born in Ukraine but studied and lived in the UK for a long time. I'm a psychologist, life coach, journalist, writer, and editor.

I read 28 books in 2020, but really, what I'm striving to do is to publish my own. I've nearly finished writing it but I'm looking for people to help me bring it to life.

Contact me if you can help, please, but stay here to read my stuff and sign up to my newsletter for free confidence tips and more! 

EXCLUSIVE: Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga on Ukraine's Zelenskyy, Donbas War, and Coronavirus

"We are no Switzerland," said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to journalists during a press conference in May. This month, Ukraine has had a first visit from a Swiss president. Simonetta Sommaruga, the President of the Swiss Confederation, came to Ukraine for a three-day visit. She and Zelenskyy discussed humanitarian aid for Donbas, financial support, and cultural programs. Hromadske's Maria Romanenko sat down with Sommaruga on July 22.

Surrogacy in Quarantine: Argentine Woman Meets Son Born to Ukrainian Surrogate Mother

Andrea Diez (L), her son Ignacio (C), and husband Fernando Montero on June 10 at the "Venice" hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ignacio was born to a Ukrainian surrogate mother on April 29 but, due to quarantine and closed borders, the couple only managed to see their son in June. Andrea Diez and her husband Fernando Montero, from Argentina, dreamed of having a baby for almost a decade. “We tried for nine years to have a baby, we were not able to. We had a lot of treatments – like 12,” Andrea tells Hrom

“I’m the Change”: What It’s Like to Be Feminist in Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, and Russia

ODESA, Ukraine – One of the organizers of a feminist exhibition in the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa Steffi Klein says that it shocked her that she couldn’t find any feminist groups in the city. “We were thinking of who might be interested in being part of [this exhibition] and we were wondering: okay, we can talk to a feminist group here. The manager from the gallery told us that they don’t have any. They are all in Kyiv,” she says.

Maria Romanenko is a Ukrainian-born British-educated psychologist, writer, and journalist.

In 2016, Maria quit her job at an NGO to pursue her dream of becoming a creative and writing about things that people enjoy reading about. Since then, Maria has written for The Kyiv Post, The Odessa Review, The Rational Online, Hromadske International and Thrive Global with many of her stories going viral. She has also appeared on ABC News Australia, CTV News, BBC World Radio, and Global News.

She is interested in the topics of self-growth and self-discovery.

Maria currently works as the Assistant Editor for Cruise Industry News but is open to freelancing. Please find some examples of Maria's work on this website and do not hesitate to get in touch for any enquiries.

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